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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Class 1 Week 5!

So this week we had anticipation and stretch & squash added to our assignment in addition to the timing and spacing we've already learned.  We were challenged to have a bouncing ball move through an obstacle course.  At first this challenge was pretty tough, but once I got the concept down and decided to work in stepped mode and to block with a combination of pose to pose and straight ahead everything was great!  I first blocked everything in, then I added my breakdowns, and finally added in the moving holds.  When I went to splined I was soooo happy to see that all my hard work in blocking really paid off!  My animation stayed exactly the same!  I didn't have any floating or drifting!  After a couple of days of polishing this is my end result.

The Planning

The Animation

We also had to do a pose to convey the emotion "devastation".  Below is my pose.

Overall, I've learned a TON in just 5 weeks!  I'm soooo excited for what my future holds in animation and I'm sooo thankful for Animation Mentor for giving this opportunity to finally follow my dream!  More to come next week!

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