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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wow I'm Behind!

I haven't posted anything since week 5!  That's crazy!!!  I've been so busy with my assignments I guess I've lost track of time.  So for week 6 we did the pendulum swing to practice the principle of overlapping action.  Below is my shot & the planning.

The Planning

The Animation

For week 7 we combined everything we've learned so far into one assignment, which was Tailor.  It's a ball with a tail so you get timing, spacing, squash, stretch, and overlap all in one assignment.  This was tough!  The tail tends to have a mind of it's own but I learned a TON from this.  Below you will find the planning and the animation.

The Planning

The Animation

Weeks 8 & 9 were the same assignment, the vanilla walk.  Week 8 was spent planning and blocking and week 9 was cleaning up and polishing.  This assignment again combined everything from the previous weeks and is the first time it's more than just an exercise.  You'll find my blocking and final animation below.

The Blocking

The Final Animation

Week 8 we also had the pose for physical strength and week 9 was concern.  Both of these were pretty tough as my mentor didn't allow any props or scenery of any kind so you really had to think outside the box on these.

Physical Strength

Week 9 Concern

We're now on week 10 which is the personality walk.  I've decided to do the sneak/tip toe sneak.  I'll post the blocking once it's critiqued.  Overall, this term has been incredible!  I've learned soooo much.  I'm really looking forward to Class 2 in January!

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