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Friday, October 21, 2011

Class 1 Week 4!

So Class 1 Week 4 is coming to an end, for me anyways.  I have to work all weekend so I had to have my assignment done today because I won't be able to work on it again before the deadline on Sunday.  I have to admit I had a meltdown this week.  I had put a lot of time into my shot and just couldn't get it to look the way I wanted and the more I tweaked it the worse it got it I had to bite the bullet and start over on Thursday and I had to have it done by Friday!  I was feeling sooooo overwhelmed lol.  I took the time to redo my planning and just take my time on it and I think it turned out really well, so much better than my first shot was headed!

Here's my planning

And here the actual animation, it's actually really close to my planning

Animation Mentor has been the best decision ever!  I've made a lot of really great friends with similar interests and have learned sooooo much in a short amount of time, it's crazy!  Next week we get to put the ball in an obstacle course, I can't wait!

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