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Friday, July 29, 2011

Maya Springboard Week 5 Assignment 3

So after we created our character this week to get familiar with the hierarchy we were asked to create a set, import our character into it, and add some cameras.  I tend to go overboard with things (practice makes perfect) so I've created additional characters and some props for the bar (so far).  Below you'll see the shots from various cameras around the set.

Next week is when we officially start adding shading and lights, I started playing around with the lighting already though just to see how it functions.  I love these assignments!


  1. Wow great job Charlie! You really took time to put details in your set! Must have been fun though! It's like a storyboard :D

  2. Yeah I did. I've spent way more time on this than is required but I've LOVED every minute of it! Plus I now have several props to use when classes start!