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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

First Maya Springboard Assignment

So our first assignment for Maya Springboard is to place basic objects on a premodeled shelf.  The assignment is geared for those that have never worked in 3D space before and allows them to get a feel for the Maya interface.  Below you will see the picture we were to go by and the shelf I uploaded for my assignment.

Picture to copy

My version

It's not a 100% replica, but where's the creative freedom if you make an exact replica of something?!?  Anywho, it was quick, fun, and easy.  Took me about 30 mins to complete.


  1. Nice one! I made mine a bit colorful :)) I just hope Jared will think it's okay :P

  2. Did you? I was going to but didn't feel like it late last night lol.

  3. looks good Charlie! And you are right about taking some liberties :) the shelf assignment is just to get you used to the tools and what not versus making an exact copy :D