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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Getting ready for classes!

 In preparation of classes starting next week I figured I should start hitting Maya heavily again.  Since the majority of class 1 is fundamental stuff I started working on bouncing balls.  Below is the result.

And here is what the graph looks like.


  1. Hey man, nice start :)
    What you should pay attention to is that differences between the bounces need to be bigger, and the ball should should come to a stop with an ease. Extend the frame count to a 100, and let the ball roll until 96ish.
    Keep it up!

  2. Thx! By bounces need to be bigger do you mean spacing wise or height? I'll fix it and repost it in a bit. Thx again!

  3. The height difference on your graph editor needs to decrease more from bounce to bounce than it does now :)
    Also, it's always better to upload something to your dropbox account in quicktime format, so people can frame-by-frame your shots - much easier to give advice that way!

  4. Ah got it! Thx! Yeah I have Dropbox but didn't think to post it on here that way. I'll post my obstacle course that way.