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Sunday, May 29, 2011

CTN Expo 2011 Update

I reserved my hotel room tonight for CTN Expo!  Come on November 17!  I submitted my vacation request at work as well.  I cannot wait to be totally absorbed in the world of animation this Fall.  I can't wait to move to California and be able to hang out with people that share my passion!


  1. hey charlie !! quite a nice blog you've got going here ;) i just want to say welcome from one AMer to another :) i've only done springboard so far but the experience has already been more fun than any other class i've had :D might see you at the expo, otherwise see you on facebook :D

    -Deedra Garcia

  2. Hey Deedra! Thx! Yeah I cannot wait to start AM! I've wanted to do animation my whole life and to finally be able do is super exciting! That would be awesome if you could join us at the Expo!